Rep. Katie Porter

California's 45th Congressional District

Rep. Katie Porter

“I have known Dave Min and his wife Jane for over a decade. I first became aware of Dave‚Äôs work on economic fairness when he was a policy director at the Center for American Progress, and I am so impressed with the incredible work Jane does on behalf of domestic violence survivors as Director of UC Irvine‚Äôs Initiative to End Family Violence. Dave and Jane are terrific neighbors, talented colleagues, and powerful advocates for our community.

Dave has spent his career focusing on how to make our economy stable and vibrant. From the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Senate Banking Committee to the halls of academia, Dave has always been a strong and independent voice for economic fairness and opportunity for working families.

Over the last year in Congress, I have fought for Orange County families and to hold Wall Street and big corporations accountable. While we have accomplished much, the Trump Administration continues to stand in the way of our progress. President Trump puts tax relief to billionaires and big businesses ahead of middle class Californians and he puts the corporate special interests of pollution over our planet and our health.

As we face a global pandemic and its ever-increasing challenges,¬†it’s clear that we need more voices like Dave’s to provide thoughtful¬†leadership, research-based policy¬†expertise, and a long-term vision for our¬†future. To address the challenges of economic inequality, healthcare, women‚Äôs¬†rights, climate change, and gun violence, California¬†must continue to lead as a¬†state while I continue our fight in D.C. Dave will be a strong partner to¬†advance our values in the California State Senate. He has the experience¬†and¬†the commitment to our community to help create a better future for Orange¬†County. I wholeheartedly endorse his campaign for California State Senate¬†and encourage you¬†to support him.‚Ä̬†¬†–¬†Congresswoman Katie Porter

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