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Dave’s Plan



As an educator himself, Dave Min is uniquely qualified to champion high quality education while advocating for reforms that address the challenges our state faces. Fellow teachers, including the California Federation of Teachers, have come out in support of Dave because of his high level of commitment to California’s students and schools.

Investing in education is an investment in our future, and that’s why Dave supports increasing funding for education from pre-K to college. He will fight to ensure that our schools have the funding and resources to continue providing the highest quality education to students under COVID-19 conditions. 

As State Senator for District 37, he will work to make college debt-free. Dave believes we must increase funding and expand access to community colleges so that students not pursuing a four-year degree can earn vocational and certification requirements to help them reach the middle class. The pursuit of higher education shouldn’t limit the potential of our best and brightest.

Dave believes that good schools are at the heart of the American Dream. Dave himself lived that as the son of Korean immigrants and the product of a public school education. He is committed to building a top tier school system because his kids and yours deserve the best.


Dave believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right and believes that everyone should have access to reliable, affordable healthcare. Dave supports Medicare for All as a pathway to universal coverage, allowing Californians, regardless of age, to buy into the Medicare system, while allowing those who choose not to, to keep their private insurance.

As State Senator for District 37, he will work tirelessly to guarantee healthcare for all Californians. The Trump Administration is trying to turn back the clock on the progress that’s been made through the Affordable Care Act, but Dave will stand up for Californians and fight for universal coverage and reduced costs for the people of this state.

It is heartbreaking to know that families are being forced to choose between life-saving medicine and paying rent. As Orange County families are grappling with the fallout from the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we create a healthcare system that will save, instead of bankrupt, lives. 

In a state that has shown leadership in so many areas, quality healthcare should be a top priority. Dave will advocate for expanding healthcare coverage and holding the insurance companies accountable for the quality and cost of care. Dave will fight to allow California to directly negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to help lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Dave believes that health care decisions should be between a patient and their doctor, not by insurance and drug companies dictating what treatments they can afford.

No one should suffer because they don’t have the funds to pay for treatment. As State Senator, Dave will fight for universal healthcare coverage because it makes fiscal sense, and it’s the morally right thing to do.

Women’s Rights

Dave views Women’s Rights as fundamental to a strong society. As State Senator, Dave will fight for equality and a woman’s right to make personal reproductive healthcare decisions for herself.

Business, education, culture, and so much more cannot fully flourish and progress without full equality for women. This core value is part of what drew Dave to his partner and wife, Jane Stoever, who everyday fights for the rights of domestic abuse survivors at the UCI Law Domestic Violence Clinic. Dave and Jane recently wrote an Op-ed together about the effects of domestic violence during COVID-19. 

Equal pay for equal work. The freedom to choose one’s education, career, and healthcare. Freedom from domestic violence and access to safe family planning options. These are all priorities of Dave’s, and as State Senator for District 37, he will continuously support Women’s Rights and incorporate the tenants of equality throughout his work.


California’s economy continues to grow but so too does the cost of living. Despite working hard every day, families are struggling to make ends meet. As State Senator, Dave Min will fight for an economy that works for the middle class because the people of this state deserve more.

Dave has spent most of his career focused on economic policy issues, and so he understands the importance of economic planning, particularly during tumultuous and disruptive times like now. His experience serving as the Associate Director for Financial Markets Policy at the Center for American Progress makes him well-suited to help get California back on its feet following the COVID-19 pandemic.

He will use that expertise as a State Senator to make sure paid family leave, debt-free college, affordable childcare, and early childhood programs are properly invested in. He will fight for women to receive equal pay for equal work. Increasing the minimum wage to keep pace with the rising cost of living makes sense because working a full-time job and multiple gig-jobs just to scrape by is simply unsustainable. Those who have spent their lives working hard deserve full retirement benefits, and Dave will push to make that a reality.

While California’s economy is strong, it does not work for far too many people. Dave wants to make sure that middle-class families don’t just live, but they actually thrive. As State Senator for the 37th District, Dave Min will fight for a strong economy that supports not just those in the top 1% but everyone.

Gun Violence Prevention

Dave Min has a comprehensive and bold Action Plan to Prevent Gun Violence that he has promised to introduce within his first 100 days as State Senator. At the heart of Dave’s plan is the idea of an empowered Bureau of Firearms that will have at least as much licensing authority over firearms as the Department of Motor Vehicles has over automobiles. Gun owners will not merely be required to undergo a background check when they purchase a new gun, as is the case now, but will be part of an ongoing license and registration requirement administered by the Bureau of Firearms. Other policies Dave supports include banning gun sales on government property, strengthening and improving our state’s red flag laws, and implementing efforts to ensure guns’ safe storage. These are all part of his plan to keep our children and communities safe from the plague of gun violence.

Dave understands that gun ownership is both a right and an incredible responsibility. Despite California’s leadership on addressing gun violence, thousands of preventable gun-related deaths occur here each year. Dave will fight for the strong, sensible gun safety laws needed to keep Orange County and all Californians safe.

Climate Change

Dave Min believes that climate change is not only real but that it is the most critical issue of our time. We have seen that the effects of climate change only intensify natural disasters. The fundamentals of our economy, our water supply, the air we breathe, and the legacy we leave our children are being threatened, and that is why Dave supports bold action on climate change now. 

Dave Min is the only candidate to support the ambitious vision behind the Green New Deal and prioritize climate change action. Dave fully supports carbon neutrality by 2045 by achieving a 100% clean energy supply and the electrification of our building and transportation systems. Such efforts must be coupled with a focus on the vulnerable communities that have paid the price for environmental justice issues for far too long. Conservation, climate resilience, and climate adaptation must all be part of a long-term plan to make our communities better prepared and safer to live in, and Dave supports empowering communities by expanding community choice energy programs.

Given the enormity of the challenge and the opportunity to become a hub for truly planet-saving technology, Dave will leverage California’s position as the center of innovation and technology by fully funding R&D and pushing to commercialize clean energy technology. California’s entrepreneurial spirit can and should be a catalyst for a revolution in green technology.

All of this is possible, but it takes political will. While Dave’s opponents question the science and take money from the fossil fuel industry, Dave is pushing for climate action that can match the magnitude of the challenge. Dave has the focus and determination to put solutions above all else and work for a livable tomorrow for his children and yours.


Dave Min supports comprehensive, long term solutions to the homelessness crisis Orange County is experiencing. He has publicly advocated for Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva’s proposal to convert the Fairview Center in Costa Mesa into a 200 unit permanent supportive housing facility for individuals experiencing homelessness.

The cost of homelessness is enormous for our society. Dave believes that addressing this issue head-on is not only morally right but also economically sensible. Dave believes that we can lower housing insecurity without increasing taxes on the middle class. There are some in this Senate race that would rather ignore the growing crisis or even push back on practical solutions that are right in front of them. Dave is not afraid to advocate for what’s best for all of our community and will fight for a solution that will work for all

Dave believes that to address homelessness meaningfully, we must abandon politics as usual and embrace the morally humane – and fiscally responsible – thing to do. Advocating for the Fairview proposal is precisely the bold, long-term approach that Dave will advocate for as your State Senator.

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